Copy of Sustainability

It is important for us as a brand to pay attention to the footprint we create, therefore we have decided to take the more sustainable approach from the means of production to the final result. We always want to do our best to make our products as sustainable as possible from the design concept to sampling and production.


We produce in an ethical manner; we make sure all the factories we work with are certified with high-quality production and provide a safe and ethical clothing manufacturing practice. We create all our samples out of scrap fabrics to minimize waste.


All of our packaging materials are produced with eco-friendly materials like our ‘Thank You’ card and hangtags are made with eco-friendly sugar cane paper and fabric labels are made of eco-friendly bamboo fiber.


We are still a small emerging brand so we are trying our very best to stay away from using polyester and instead use natural fabrics or viscose. With your help and support, we aim to use only sustainable, eco-friendly materials.