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HALA – An expression that by definition signifies a warm welcome and the essence of inclusivity in the Arab world.

Forged in the Middle East and influenced by wanderings across our beautiful world, the brand reflects its founder's journey - a third culture woman who is proud of her heritage and embodies the intricacies of being an explorer of the world.

HALA is more than a brand - it is a way of being and a means of expression through clothing that values qualitative living over the quantitative. The non-seasonal brand explores styles that are effortless, bold and timeless.

At its core, our designs are inspired by the assimilation of the European grace of Lisbon and the daring opulence of Dubai. Our pieces are produced worldwide by meticulous artisans working collaboratively to connect minimalism with sensuality, elegance with ease and strength with femininity.

The youngest of five sisters, the designer, Hala Al Shammari credits her passion for her work on two generations of powerful, complex, and diverse women. Her lifelong dream has been to create pieces for women that exude confidence, beauty and spirit.

HALA is here to break stereotypes, empower and redefine the perception of the modern Arab woman’s experience. These unique designs are curated for the fierce and tells the story of the woman who is ready to play with seduction and sophistication and isn’t afraid to stand out and live life boldly.